Liva Music Library

Info in english


We will give you here some short info in english about how our library works. (since our page is just in german)

We are a mood music library. We have the rights on the tracks for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Here you’ll find some info about mood music.

Our catalogue


We have over 12’000 tracks in our library. You can listen to them on our music page and you can also download them here.

All the tracks are available now on harddrive. For more info please contact us.

Here you’ll find some infos about the catalogues.

for example…you can klick on Liva Music Library – Kataloge – Standard Music and then you will see a description of all the catalogues from the Standard Music Library.

If you like a catalouge then you can insert the Katalog-Nr. (for example-> LM1001) into our music-page ->

…and then all the songs from catalogue LM1001 will show up and you can listen to all the songs.

You can put them into the Warenkorb = shopping basket  (upper right corner)

Finally if you would like to download then you have to register = Registrieren. (Top of the page …where the links are)


Once you are registered you can download the songs as mp3 or wav file.


If you would like to search our catalogues with search words then you can do that. Important is this:

1) use english words
2) don’t use too many words …just 2-4 …if there is no result then start with one word.
3) insert the words like this into the search field:

acoustic pop rock

-> a word – then a space – then another word – then a space       no space at the end!!!

If you need english words click here  -> you’ll find there files like Liva Music Library – Keywords – Standard Music

We created these Keywords files for the german speaking people. It’s a translation for them. You see there the english words too that you can use.


We hope that this will helps you to use our website. If you have any problems with it don’t hesitate to contact us -> – 027 455 26 32